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Probability Theory and Random variables

9 minute read


This Blog post briefly introduces some concepts in set theory and measure theory that are needed to define probability. It also talks about measurable transformations and random variables.

Geometric view of matrices, Diagonalization and SVD

11 minute read


I’ve found very few notes on the internet which talks about geometric intuition about matrices and linear algebra and wanted to write about if I ever found any good material. This blogpost talks about linear transformation, geometric intuitions of matrices, change of basis, eigen decomposition and singular value decomposition.

Variational Auto Encoder

7 minute read


This blogpost talks about modelling the distribution of images, the challenges in modelling and training etc. Let’s try to fit a model to a set of images, just like we tried to fit GMM to a set of points. If you are not familiar with latent variable models and GMM you can refer to my previous post here

Bayesian view and Variational Inference

4 minute read


This blog post talks about Bayesian view of statistics and the need for variatinal inference and a simple Mean Field approximation method

Latent Variables and EM

9 minute read


This blog post talks about latent variables, why we need them and how to train latent variable models.